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Author: Neil Cubley


Personal finance

  1. 10 ways to save money this autumn

  2. How to manage your money during Covid-19

  3. How to check your credit rating

  4. Stay on top of your student finances

  5. Make your home more energy efficient

  6. 5-minute fixes for your finances

  7. The full cost to buy and run a car

  8. Improving your financial wellbeing

  9. Talking about money with your partner


  1. How to budget using the 50-30-20 rule

  2. Creating a rainy day fund

  3. Can’t face making a budget?

  4. Nadia El Ferdaoussi: travel on a budget

Seasonal financial tips

  1. 10 tips for a healthier 2020

  2. 5 Christmas budgeting tips

  3. Finding a cheap, last-minute holiday

  4. 5 tips to stay on top of summer spending

  5. DIY holiday or travel agent

  6. Spring clean your finances

Life stage events

  1. Making your next career move?

  2. Lessons in managing money

  3. Thinking of changing career?

  4. Tips when buying an engagement ring

  5. The ultimate guide to planning a wedding

  6. The dance of romance


  1. How to get a mortgage

  2. 10 frequently asked first-time buyer questions answered

  3. Getting a first time buyer mortgage

  4. Saving for a mortgage deposit

  5. Save for the home or the wedding?

  6. Take control with a fixed-rate mortgage

  7. Switching the mortgage

  8. Flexible mortgage options

  9. When baby came along we had to move

  10. Make your move

  11. Moving to Ireland

  12. Mobile mortgage managers

  13. The couple who got a mortgage in 11 days

  14. Saving for a home

  15. A mortgage in a week

  16. Spending the mortgage cashback on fees, a sofa and a TV

How to avoid financial scams

  1. How to spot phone scams (vishing)

  2. How to spot text message scams (smishing)

  3. How to spot email scams (phishing)

  4. How to avoid scams when shopping online

Credit cards

  1. “Looking for a card like this”

  2. From checkout to check-in


  1. 7 most Instagrammable Los Angeles locations

  2. Are these the world’s greatest road trips?

  3. Holiday of a lifetime

  4. Do you remember your first car?

  5. How Louise Cooney got her dream job


  1. Hiking to the honeymoon

  2. I didn’t believe I’d won the Goalsaver

  3. The €25,000 call I nearly didn’t take

  4. Saving for home improvements


  1. Paula’s cooker fire

Topic: Uncategorized January 1, 2016
Author: Neil Cubley