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Mobile mortgage managers


Bank of Ireland Mortgages Mobile Mortgage Manager


Some people find it hard enough to squeeze in a trip to the bank during their working day to apply for a mortgage.

When you’re busy working hard to build up a deposit for your new home, you can’t always get away at lunchtime or afford to take time off during the day.

And having a hard deadline to get back to work by a set time can make meetings a little rushed.

Mobile Mortgage Managers

Bank of Ireland Mobile Mortgage Managers can help make sure you no longer have to grab time away from work, battle the traffic and find parking before talking through one of the biggest decisions of your life.

Instead, you can do it when and where it suits you. Your place, your time. No worries about running late.

Let our Mobile Mortgage Specialists come to you.

When first-time buyers, Joe and Edel, were looking for a mortgage their local Bank of Ireland Mobile Mortgage Manager helped make the process a little easier by coming to meet them at their home on the weekend.


Bank of Ireland Mortgages Mobile Mortgage Manager

Joe and Edel’s story

Where did you meet? We are both Radiation Therapists in Galway and we met at work. We’ve known each other since 2006. I’m from County Down just outside Belfast and Edel’s from Clifden, County Galway.

You were both first-time buyers is that right? Yes that’s right.

Were you both renting before? We were renting an apartment in the city (Galway).

Why did you decide to buy? We got married in August, 2015, and then say January time, 2016, we started going round the banks and seeing what sort of deposit we would require and what the banks were going to be looking for in order to prepare for looking for a mortgage.

And then we started keeping an eye out for properties that we liked and arranging viewings then and basically getting the deposit together that we’d need.

The right side of town

How did you find the property? We’d been actively looking in the Moycullen and Tullykyne area as we’d kinda decided that was the area we wanted to look at.

It was the right side of the town for the hospital for us and Edel’s family are in Clifden so it was on the right side of the city for them as well.

Is it fairly new? It was built in 2006 and had one owner who rented to one person in the time he owned it. It was in walk-in condition which was one of the things we wanted.

And large enough to have a family in the future? That’s exactly the thinking, yes, so we won’t have to move again in the future, hopefully. And it’s 17 km exactly from the house to the hospital.

So that’s a shortish journey. It is, the traffic isn’t too bad going that direction. We’re usually on the same shift so it’s handy enough.


Bank of Ireland Mortgages Mobile Mortgage Manager


When the bank comes to you…

How did you come to choose Bank of Ireland for the mortgage? We were originally, let me think, we were originally going to go with another bank and then a cousin of Edel’s in Dublin said he knew someone he went to college with who worked in mortgages in Bank of Ireland.

He was having lunch with him and he told him our story and the mortgages guy said would they mind if Bank of Ireland talked to us about mortgages?

So we spoke to our friend and said yes and we got a phone call from the Bank of Ireland Mobile Mortgage Manager.

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She came out to meet you on a Saturday morning? She did indeed. It was great we had everything done nearly in half an hour.

Was it handy having someone come out to you? Yes because when we were dealing with the other bank we had to go in there during our lunchtime and we were getting caught short for time and under pressure.

To do it on a Saturday morning on our own time was great.


Bank of Ireland Mortgages Mobile Mortgage Manager

‘The cashback came in handy…’

After that, what contact did you have with her? She had emailed us before she met us and we did everything on the day she came out to us. Anything after that, it was just text and email, it was really handy.

There were two other documents she needed but we just left them in our local Bank of Ireland branch and she picked them up from there.

How are the mortgage repayments compared to what you paid in rent? Well the mortgage amount isn’t that much more than the rent we were paying so it’s great.

Had you furniture for the house? We had to buy all the furniture for the house so the cashback came in handy. When we first moved in all we had was a TV stand, a bookcase and two wardrobes.

But we had an air mattress so we weren’t sleeping on the floor!

We were just delighted to get the house sorted.

How was the process for you? Well, you know, it’s quite daunting when you’re going for a mortgage and the process was made very straightforward for us.

The mobile mortgage manager was really easy to deal with. All the emails and texts were returned and we were never left waiting.

Find out more

Find your local Mobile Mortgage Specialist  and arrange a convenient place to meet up or book time to chat over Skype or Facetime here.

Cashback is not available with the High Value fixed interest rate.
Joe and Edel received a small gratuity for their time. All photos: Aengus McMahon
Topic: Mortgages June 27, 2017
Author: Neil Cubley

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