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Flexible mortgage options

Bank of Ireland Mortgages Flexi-options


More and more mortgages allow you a bit of flexibility.

Here are just a few ways you can change how and when you repay your mortgage.

Bank of Ireland Mortgages Flexi-options

1 Change your mortgage payment date

The most obvious thing you can do is change the date when you pay your mortgage.

If you always get paid around the 21st of each month, for example, then it may make your life simpler if your mortgage repayment comes out of your account on the 22nd or 23rd.

Sometimes, people change jobs and get paid on a different date but forget to change when their mortgage gets paid.

Contacting your lender to adjust the date of your mortgage repayment can help reduce your chances of your account going overdrawn and paying fees and charges.

Bank of Ireland Mortgages Flexi-options

2 Skip a payment or two

Christmas, summer holiday months and ‘back to school’ can all be expensive times of year. It might suit you better to skip mortgage payments at these times to allow for your additional expenses.

Lenders will sometimes allow you to skip a payment or two in a year as long as you pay the amount you would normally pay in 12 months over 10 or 11 months instead.

That means higher repayments over fewer months but a break when you need it.

Bank of Ireland Mortgages Flexi-options

3 Take a break from repayments

When a baby comes along or you have a large expense to cover, it might be helpful to take a break from mortgage repayments for a few months.

Some lenders now allow you to do this several times during the term of a mortgage. Terms and conditions may apply.

Bank of Ireland Mortgages Flexi-options
4 Overpay and save interest

Alternatively you may find yourself in the position of being able to overpay your mortgage each month or with a one-off lump sum.

Overpaying will reduce your remaining balance saving you interest over the term of the mortgage.

With a lower balance to repay you can pay your mortgage off sooner or reduce your monthly mortgage repayment amount.

Terms and conditions may apply and, if you repay a fixed loan early, you may have to pay charges.

Bank of Ireland Mortgages Flexi-options

5 Split your mortgage between a fixed and variable rate

You don’t have to choose between fixed or variable rate mortgages. With a twin rate mortgage you can get the certainty and stability of a fixed rate plus the flexibility of variable rates.

You decide how much of your mortgage to put on a variable rate and how much on a fixed rate.

Before you apply for a mortgage, you might want to check your credit rating.

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Topic: Mortgages October 22, 2018
Author: Neil Cubley

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